In February 2018, we announced a three-year emphasis at called TRANSFORMED.  TRANSFORMED is a God-sized vision for the future to help transform lives, families, our church, our community and the world. It is a bold vision that we are trusting God to help us accomplish before the end of 2020. Following are the seven main areas of focus:
  1. Focus on fulfilling our purpose as a church with greater effectiveness.
  2. Address facility barriers that hinder effectiveness and our ability to reach more people for Jesus. 
  3. Focus on reaching young families and the next generation more effectively.
  4. Provide new opportunities for people to connect and experience Biblical community in a small group environment.
  5. Serve our community and help meet the needs of our community in Jesus’ name.
  6. Provide new opportunities for discipleship and leadership for the next generation of leaders.
  7. Begin new Local2Global focuses on disaster relief and reaching multicultural communities within the U.S. while continuing to strengthen our Local2Global ministries and partnerships around the world.

As we complete the final year of TRANSFORM, we celebrate God's provision and the progress we have made during the past two years and forward to what lies ahead.